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Oktober 2018 - EU Ch Cazpurr Takoda  becamse best bengal of show season 2017/2018 and  2th Best Cat of The Netherlands, we are sp proud of this boy!!

Augustus 2017 - We take a lot of time to socialise our kittens this results in the most sweet sweet kittens, they love to hug, always want to be with you and love to sleep on your lap!

Januari 2016 There is just launched a new test for PRA ( Progressieve Retina Artofie) hereditary eye sickness that could occurs in bengals. We are happy to announce our cats we tested are free of this (PRA N/N. ).

November  We went to the TICA On Safari with Galensis Marley (owned by Ana Daoud) and our  Julianna. Julianna became 10th Best adult in the congress which was very special to us because there was a lot of competition 35 bengals included Julianna’s daddy Cameron  - Julianna was because of her age just in the adult class - so she was the youngest  of all. Galensis Marley did perfect he became many times 2th and did also get a final, so  now we are all tired  but we are so proud!

Here are some pictures from the On Safari, the first 2 of Galensis Marley , the last of Julianna’s daddy with Nadejda Julianna’s breeder and proud owner of Cameron.

October  Galensis Rubinja pearls is tested HCM and PKD free

October  Woww look at this amazing picture of  Galensis Jazz Be Magic of  Snopride! Thx Margie.

September   We are very proud that our Julianna did greath at the TICA On Safari show, she became;



and in the congress she was

1x 3th, 1x 4th and 1x 8th best kitten.

August   We recieved some amazing news;

-Galensis Jazz B Magic  had 6 finals on his first show and was BEST BENGAL KITTEN - TICA!

            - Galensis Captain Jack Sparrow is now Champion - FiFe!

BIG Congratulations for the cats and owners :-)

August     Some of  our Galensis kittens in their new homes, we are so proud of all of them:-))


July   Inside cover  of bengals Illustrated our Junglejazz & his son Jazz B Magic!!

June   Some of our kittens , they look amazing we think!

April - Mommy makes kittens whiskers short.

Februari  - One of our kittens playing, which they love so much!

January 2015 - Galensis Pharella, Galensis Amber Sinanga and Snopride Junglejazz of Cazpurr are tested today clear for HCM!!

December 2014 - Galensis Amber Sinanga became best female bengal in the TICA female bengal congress - so proud!

                           - We tested clear for corona virus.

June  There is a new boy in town, his name is Snopride Junglejazz of Cazpurr bengals USA , he is comming from our dear friends Linda and Mark from Cazpurr bengals, so hopefully he will be the father of some gorgeous kittens, we can’t wait!