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Galensis Bengals Galensis bengals

Galensis bengals

We are very proud of every single bengal kitten born out of our breeding cats and for us it doesn’t matter if this kitten will be a breeder kitten, a show kitten or a compagnion/ pet kitten. All kittens born in our cattery get the same treatment - a loving start of his/ her life. As we mentioned  before we really take care where we will place our babies, especially  when they are placed as breeder/ show bengals, we do not want our babies will placed alone without any compagny or are caged and/ or walk on a wired floor. You will find Galensis bengals all over the world, like Russia, France, the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Norway , Belgium and some more country’s.

We are thankfull for each one of you sharing those wonderfull moments with us. We love to share some pictures we recieved, in the pictures you will see  some offspring of our breeding cats, enjoy!