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Welcome @ Galensis

Welcome @ Galensis bengals!

When we discovered the Bengal breed, we totally fell in love with them, this because of the wonderfull combination of the wild and exotic looks of the Asian Leopard Cat, entertaining personality  with the temperament of a domestic cat!

We have a small in home - based cattery where we specialize in

healthy, strong, golden Bengal cats with beautiful rozettes and a sweet character.

The welfare of our Bengals are the most important because they are primarily our house mates and we want them to have a very pleasant life with us.

Occasionally we have a litter of beautiful kittens.

We believe that the queen, after giving birth, must be able to recover and will need time to properly gain strength.

Kittens ask simply much energy from the queen and we want our future kittens to be strong and healthy.

Our cats are cheked - up by our vet of FIV and FELV but also with HCM PKD and PK- def. We tested regularly for Giardia, Tritrichomonas and other bacterials and our cats are free of this.

We also consider that it is important that our Bengals have no genetic faults even not outwardly visible.

We look closely at the pedigree, bloodlines, profile, character, and of course the other features so that strengths are emphasized in upcoming kittens.

Our Bengals are not kept alone in a separate room or kept in cages so are they, despite their wild roots, yet very well socialized.

In this way we find that we deal responsibly with our Bengals and their kittens!

If you have questions or want more information about the Bengal, email us we are always happy to assist you further.



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